Рестарт англоязычной версии портала Новости премьер Newspremieres_com

NewsPremieres.com site restarted

In January 2021, Svetlana Moursy relaunched the international version of www.NewsPremieres.ru  www.NewsPremieres.com, which was ‘frozen’ during the pandemic. The Russian-language site managed to survive on the collapsed market of network resources and even increase its’ traffic. The international version of the portal tells about film and VOD premieres at international festivals and film markets.

Информационный дуплекс телеканала Малыш ТВ_ru_com

‘Malish TV’ official site ‘on a turnkey’

During January 2021, Svetlana Moursy has  designed and launched ‘from scratch’ and ‘on a turnkey’  the official site of Malish TV channel . Social media accounts and  a Youtube channel are started as well. А pool of key partners is established and a newsletter for media representatives is sent. At the moment Svetlana Moursy is …

Продвижение проектов за рубеж

Restoring the international version of RAFA site and promoting projects worldwide

In September-December 2020, Svetlana Moursy restored and adjusted the international version of RAFA (Russian Animated Film Association) website. Svetlana also expanded the established base of contacts of  partners worldwide (media, Web, marketing, distribution, production) and  RAFA newsletter for the international market.  

Праздник шоколада в парке Сказка

Festival of chocolate in the park ‘Skazka’ in Krylatskoye

On September 12 and 13, 2020, on the World Chocolate Day, the Chocolate Festival took place in Moscow. Organized by the legendary flagship confectionery factory Krasny Oktyabr, the Skazka family park in Krylatskoye with the support of Moscow Media and the Moskva 24 TV channel, as well as the Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA) and …

Светлана Мурси налаживание пресс-службы ААКР

Establishing the work of the press service of the Animated Film Association

Svetlana Moursy re-established the work of the press service of the Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA). Within the framework of the project, the distribution of press materials to the central and regional media was debugged, a pool of loyal media representatives was formed, and the coverage of key events of the organization in the media. …

Светлана Мурси продвижение концертных программ

MSSO conducted by maestro Pavel Kogan events promotion

From December, 2018 to December, 2019, Svetlana Moursy was engaged in Brand-management & SMM of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Pavel Kogan. All the orchestra’s events were announced in the media, content was created for SMM, and posted on social networks.

Фотовыставка Даниила Коржонова Чудеса России

Openair exhibitions ‘on turnkey’

Svetlana Mousy has organized ‘on turnkey’ a number of open air photo exhibitions (search for partners and projects, selection of an exposition, creation of design layouts with a designer, documentary support). A photo exhibition in an area with good traffic is a unique means of promotion with a large coverage. This is an affordable way …