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Openair exhibitions ‘on turnkey’

Svetlana Mousy has organized ‘on turnkey’ a number of open air photo exhibitions (search for partners and projects, selection of an exposition, creation of design layouts with a designer, documentary support). A photo exhibition in an area with good traffic is a unique means of promotion with a large coverage. This is an affordable way to tell about a project or company, it is budgetary compared to direct advertising and gives a much higher conversion. Every year the perception of advertising among consumers decreases, while the photo exhibition is of an informational nature and therefore attracts the user. Of the 100 people passing by the photo exhibition, 70, as a rule, stop and study it. The degree of engagement depends on the content and its presentation.

Photo exhibitions with interesting content give, in addition to reaching users, a positive reaction from the media and bloggers: the more interesting the content, the more media will write about it and the more reaction it will cause from bloggers.


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