Svetlana Moursy at Kids Russia 2022
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Svetlana Moursy at Kids Russia-2022 exhibition and Licensing World

Kids Russia-2022 exhibition was very fruitful for meetings and new contacts. Svetlana Moursy held a number of meetings with new potential partners. She also met with a number of key industry players with whom Svetlana has been cooperating in recent years.

Zabezoo at_Epic_ACG_Fest
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Promo-campaign of ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ animated series participation in Epic ACG Fest

Svetlana Moursy implemented promo campaign of ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ animated series  participation in Epic ACG Fest on October 30-31, 2021. ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ animated series directed by Zakhar Marmosetty and produced by Studio Z  became the winner of ‘Best Animated Series’ nomination in the   main competition program of Epic ACG Fest.  ‘The Alarm Clock’ episode  about Zabezoo’s …

Dee Dee on START VOD platform
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Promo campaign of ‘Dee Dee’ series on START VOD-platform

Together with colleagues from the press service of the START VOD platform, Svetlana Moursy implemented a promotional campaign for the exclusive online premiere of the new animated series “Dee-Dee” on  START. The premiere took place on September, 16. The television premiere of the project took place in May 2021 on Malish TV channel. For several …

Премьера сериала Истории Баданаму на телеканале Малыш ТВ
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Promotional campaign of series of the Universe ‘Badanamu’ on ‘Malish TV’ Channel

In March 2021, Svetlana Moursy realized a promotional campaign for the premiere of the series of the Universe ‘Badanamu’ on ‘MalishTV’ channel. Together with the professional team of the “Chemodanov Production” studio, commercials were created, which are now broadcasted in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic states.

Рестарт англоязычной версии портала Новости премьер Newspremieres_com
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In January 2021, Svetlana Moursy relaunched the international version of, which was ‘frozen’ during the pandemic. The Russian-language site managed to survive on the collapsed market of network resources and even increase its’ traffic. The international version of the portal tells about film and VOD premieres at international festivals and film markets.

Информационный дуплекс телеканала Малыш ТВ_ru_com
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‘Malish TV’ official site ‘on a turnkey’

During January 2021, Svetlana Moursy has  designed and launched ‘from scratch’ and ‘on a turnkey’  the official site of Malish TV channel . Social media accounts and  a Youtube channel are started as well. А pool of key partners is established and a newsletter for media representatives is sent. At the moment Svetlana Moursy is …

Продвижение проектов за рубеж
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Restoring the international version of RAFA site and promoting projects worldwide

In September-December 2020, Svetlana Moursy restored and adjusted the international version of RAFA (Russian Animated Film Association) website. Svetlana also expanded the established base of contacts of  partners worldwide (media, Web, marketing, distribution, production) and  RAFA newsletter for the international market.