Design or redesign of a Website and its’ SEO

Svetlana Moursy
Редизайн сайта онлайн курс продвижения Светланы Мурси

Svetlana Moursy is engaged in the development of technical tasks for site design (existing and «from scratch») «turnkey», as well as optimization for search engines.
Svetlana started doing Web design in 2003 and has built more than 40 sites ‘from scratch’ herself. About the same amount of resources were corrected by Svetlana, tested for errors and optimized for search engines.
The most common cases of design:
1. The company / person has a website built on the antediluvian system. It functions poorly / won’t be screened by search engines / it is often hacked / it crashes on its own for unknown reasons ORDER A CONSULTATION ON THE MOVING OF THE EXISTING SITE
2. The company / person has a website built on a completely adequate and modern CMS system. But the site is not optimized and the company is losing traffic. ORDER SEO CONSULTATION
3. The company / person does not have a website and will have to create everything ‘from scratch’ ORDER A CONSULTATION ON THE CREATION OF A SITE «FROM SCRATCH»
4. The site is there, but it is not completed, the passwords are lost, the designers have disappeared. NOBODY in the company knows what to do with IT. ORDER CONSULTATION ON ELIMINATION
This is just a small fraction of what you will encounter in the near future. If you don’t want to fix errors for months, PLEASE CONSULT ON THE SITE DESIGN RIGHT NOW!

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